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This website is for those wishing to share technical information about MW/AM transmitter sites. Photos of masts are not our main concern.
We have our detailed spreadsheets giving coordinates of LW and MW stations throughout the world at 1kW or more. One exception is Oceania where thanks to the small number of stations we have no threshold.
There are 2 spreadsheets – Active, and Inactive or Closed. As well as giving both mast coordinates (where known) and links to the relevant GeoHack pages, we also cover power history, azimuths, and mast heights. There are details of Groups which own the stations. You can also find details on Reserve masts and DRM use. We also give technical details on the configurations of antenna used. For Inactive or Closed sites we give details on whether or not the masts or towers have been destroyed.
We are particularly interested in receiving posts from DXers who come across new sites of masts obtained from documents or Google Earth exploration.
Please share photos which you have a legal right to use on this website perhaps from visits to MW transmitter sites. You will be given full credit. We would welcome shots of transmitters just as much as masts. Locked for access only by sign-in are photos, spreadsheets, and documents.
We also would like you to share news about new stations and closures as well as about frequency changes. Please ensure that you support your news with credited sources. There is room for comments under that part of the website. We are proud that many highly instructive technical documents will be available to you. This in turn leads to some fascinating discoveries.
You will note the frequent use of grey background `00` entries on both Latitude, Longitude, and dates. Here we give you an approximate location for the town containing the masts. This could either be due to poor map resolution or because nobody has yet spotted the masts. Here you might be able to help. If you know where the masts are, please tell us.
Signing into Google will allow you to edit the contents of the spreadsheets.
73 and 88 Dan Goldfarb